First Name: Bertha

Middle Name: Alice

Last Name:  Saunders

Saunders Sister:

Born: 6/28/1883 Place of Birth:

Married to:  Ralph Hurd

Date of Marriage: 1/1/1901   Place of Marriage:

Marriage terminated on:        Reason:

Children: Clarence       Born:         

Children: Raymond Arnold    Born: Sept. 10, 1902   Died: Dec. 28, 1979  

Children: Ralph Howe            Born: Feb. 12, 1904     Died: Aug 30, 1963   

Children: Anna Fern               Born: Sep. 7, 1905               

Children: Hazel Adell             Born: June 26, 1907    Died: Apr. 12, 1987              

Children: Edwin Laverne       Born: Jan. 19, 1909     Died: Nov 13,1959               

Children: Olive Pearl              Born: Oct 26, 1914               

Children: Francis Ivon           Born: Aug 2, 1921                

Children:Irma Lenore           Born: Dec 19, 1925              

Children: Alvin Carlyle           Born: Apr 16, 1927               

Education: Grammar School:

                   Jr. High or Middle:

                   High School:




Occupation: Mother


Hobbies and Interests:



My personal history: by Shirley Hurd Peneland Grandma was so loving, always held hands with Grandpa. And her wonderful meals prepared with amost nothing except home grown. The open house policy of warmth and you are all welcome. I didn't hear any stories of the young years. Grandma Hurd was probably the most patient person I ever knew. It was probably due to her love to all that she had the largest most loving family I ever saw. Did you ever see ten kids so fond of each other? I think that is a rare quality.