First Name: Marilyn

Middle Name: Irene

Last Name: Williams

Saunders Sister: Bertha daughter of Fern & Howard Williams

Date of Birth: 3/28/1926          Place of Birth:  St. Helena, CA        

Married to: Robert Earl Rosenback

Date of Marriage:                       Place of Marriage:

Marriage terminated on:            Reason: divorce

Children: Dennis Robert          Date of Birth: 3/2/1950             

Children: Harold Earl           Date of Birth: 9/21/1951           

Children: Marla LaRee                  Date of Birth: 2/21/1957           

Adopted Children: Dennis Scott Date of Birth: 1/14/1970           



Date of Death:

Education: Grammar School:

                    Jr. High or Middle:

                    High School:






Hobbies and Interests:



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