First Name: Olive

Middle Name: Pearl

Last Name: Hurd

Saunders Sister: Bertha

Date of Birth:  10/26/1914    Place of Birth:  St. Helena, CA

Married to: Ray Mora St. Helena, CA

Date of Marriage:

Children: Francis Arlene        Date of Birth: 10/24/1932

Children: Donna Rae             Date of Birth: 2/22/19034              

Children: Yvonne Pearl          Date of Birth: 6/19/37      

Children: Robert Lawrence   Date of Birth: 8/22/1945


Marriage terminated on: 9/55? Reason: death

Second Marriage: Bud Quass   Where:


Date of Death:

Education: Grammar School:

                   Jr. High or Middle:

                   High School:






Hobbies and Interests:



My personal history: