First Name: Millicent (Mildred)

Middle Name: Elizabeth

Last Name: Saunders

Saunders Sister:

Date of Birth: 3/12/1881        Place of Birth:

Married to: Bert L. Harrison

Date of Marriage: 7/20/1914 Place of Marriage:

Marriage terminated on:        Reason:

Children: Rodney Robert      DOB: 6/7/1919   DOD: 10/3/1967

Date of Death: 9/18/1945

Education: Grammar School:

                   Jr. High or Middle:

                   High School:




Occupation: Logger, Insurance & Securities


Hobbies and Interests:



My personal history: by Shirley Peneland

I remember Aunt Millie’s for her fancy candy she made a Christmas.

By Margaret Bjorkman: Aunt Millie was probably the fanciest cook.  She dearly loved pretty things. She loved orchid, purple and pink in her house.  She made beautiful down and wool comforters.  There was plenty of food and goodies, taffy and other candies that she made.  Uncle Elmer made delicious taffy and candies too.  Aunt Millie had the first washer I remember, a wooden washer (Maytag) with a gas motor on the side as I remember it.