First Name: Myrtle

Middle Name: Annette

Last Name:  Saunders

Saunders Sister:

Date of Birth: 11/18/1871     Place of Birth:

Married to:

Date of Marriage:         Place of Marriage:

Marriage terminated on:        Reason:

Date of Death: 10/13/1956

Education: Grammar School:

                   Jr. High or Middle:

                   High School:




Occupation: Logger, Insurance & Securities


Hobbies and Interests:



My personal history: by Margaret Bjorkman: Myrtle saved all the down from ducks and made her own pillows and down comforters with beautiful quilted covers.

When she was a little girl she had so much care of the babies that came along. All the girls learned to scrub oak and maple floors with a brush, soap and water then pumas stone, then rinse and dry them white (I think). Grandpa and Grandma had a two story house. Aunt Myrtle learned to tailor suits. She made baby clothes by hand, they did not have a sewing machine. The clothes were dainty and beautiful for the new babies that were coming along and after she married all of her families clothing she made.

All the girls worked on the farm like boys did in those days. They even helped their father with the butchering.  Everyone of the girls worked hard all their lives until they died.

All had good business heads, they all had real horse sense.  They could always figure a way to get things done. All the Saunders girls loved pretty things but most of them had little of the worldly goods. They loved flowers and a garden and were a very close family.