First Name: Olive

Middle Name: Lulu

Last Name: Saunders

Saunders Sister: Olive date of Death: 12/12/1952

Date of Birth: 10/26/1888 Place of Birth: Moose Lake, Minn

Married to: Nathan Evans Otterbeck

Date of Marriage: 12/22/1908 Place of Marriage:

Marriage terminated on: Reason: divorce

Children: Margaret Myrtle Date of Birth: 12/25/1909

Children: Maurice William Date of Birth: 7/14/1911

Second Marriage

Married to: Frank Muller

Date of Marriage: 3/16/1920 Place of Marriage:

Marriage terminated on: Reason: divorce

Third Marriage

Married to: Frank Nathan Evans Otterbeck

Date of Marriage: Place of Marriage:

Marriage terminated on: Reason:

Served to Country: Dates

Branch of Service:

Date of Death:

Education: Grammar School:

Jr. High or Middle:

High School:






Hobbies and Interests:



My personal history: by Shirley Peneland

I remember Aunt Olive, she was my favorite Aunt (Dodi) and our Great Aunt. I think I what always impressed me most was her generosity. From a child on up I remember how she could always look around and find something to share and send home with you. She was the hardest working woman I ever knew. Her cooking was 1st prize. Personal History by Phil Otterbeck. Grandma was a very sweet person and I remember her pies to this day. As kids when the family would get to gather, all of us would play in her back yard and in the berry patch. After a meal, we would be stuffed and go to play and the adults would play cards. Other relatives would drop by and there were always things to eat. It was so Norman Rockwell like.

By Margaret Bjorkman: Olive was always on time or early. To be prompt and to keep your word were a must. Aunt Bertha was always late, I remember one time Mama was going to L.A. to see Aunt Elsie and Aunt Flo and she waited and waited for a long time, finally she came, Mama was really upset, Mama said that she was always late. My Mother could clean if she had to, but always cut up a calf or cow, kill 100 chickens, pick, clean and cut up in a night after putting in 16 hour days cooking at the restaurant plus washing dishes, scrubbing the floors after closing. My Mother worked harder than any of the sisters.